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Golf Club Repair Services

Club Repair 2.png

$3.00 - Grip Install

$6.00 - Save a Grip

$10.00 - Save a Putter Grip

$7.00 - Lengthen Shaft

$4.00 - Shorten Shaft

$25.00 - Re-shaft Clubs

$150.00 - Set of 8 Re-shaft

$35.00 - Bore Through Re-shaft 

$6.00 - Loft & Lie Adjustments (Irons Only)

$36.00 - Set of 8 Loft & Lie Adjustment

$4.00 - Fix Ferrules

$15.00 - Loose Heads

$20.00 - Remove Rattle

$_____ - Miscellaneous Repairs

Golf club and ball


Andrew F.

Came in to get my irons fitted, the service was incredible, they did not push me into something that did not make sense for my game, decided to get my clubs gripped and they had it done by the next day and the quality is amazing! Highly recommend Next Shot Golf for all of their services.

Nathaniel C.

They’ve reshafted (2 sets of irons), regripped, swing weighted, and cut to length almost my entire bag at some point in the last year. Turnaround time is blazing fast, and the quality of work is second to none. You guys rock!

Sean K.

I had my irons regripped and my experience was 100% amazing . From the time I walked in the door until the time I picked my clubs up which was a very short turn around . Prices were great as well and they will work with you on which grips are the best fit for your hands and playing conditions .

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