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  • First time visiting?  What to expect.
    Please arrive 10 minutes early so we can explain to you as much as possible before it is your time to play. This is really important during our busy season so we can get you playing as soon as possible. We have staff who will walk you through how to use the simulators and get you set-up to play.
  • Can we bring our own food and drinks?
    YES! You may bring food and drinks (including alcohol) into our establishment. If you are looking for a bite to eat, we encourage you to purchase from one of the many other small business restaurants in our plaza.
  • How much time should I reserve?
    General rule of thumb is it takes one hour per person to play 18 holes. If you have two players and you would like to play 18 holes you would want to reserve two hours. Please understand the first couple of times you play it may take longer; skill level also plays a factor in this time.
  • How does timing work?
    We have staff to help move things along. During our busy season we ask you please be ready to leave your area on time. The time you reserve includes: instruction, set-up, play and clean-up.
  • Do I need to bring own golf clubs, balls, or tees?
    Currently we have 3 RH set, 1 LH set, 1 Women’s set, and 1 Kid's set for use. There is no charge and are on a first come, first serve basis. We recommend you bring your own golf balls (we have a limited amount). Please use new or newer golf balls that are clean and have no sharpie markings on them. You can use real tees on our turf, although you cannot push them in real deep so you might want to bring a shorter one. We do have winter (rubber) tees available at each simulator that work great.
  • What footwear should I wear?  Are golf shoes allowed?
    Sneakers are perfect! NO plastic spike golf shoes please (this includes any shoes you can remove the spikes) – spikeless golf shoes are fine.
  • What multisport games do you have?  Do you need equipment for them?
    Soccer, Hockey, Baseball, Foot Golf, Disc Golf, Bowling, Dodgeball, and Wild West Shooter (think Duck Hunt). We have all the equipment needed for these sports. If you have a favorite baseball bat you like to use, you are welcome to bring it. Remember only the Hawk's Nest and King's Court have the multisport games to play.
  • Do you sell golf equipment? Do you do fittings?
    Currently we sell Callaway Golf Equipment only. We have the gloves, balls, and putters in stock. Drivers, fairway woods, hybrids, irons, and wedges are all available via special order. We do have demos for you to try out the newest equipment. Yes. We do fittings for both old and new equipment. Please call to schedule fitting with David.
  • What is your cancellation policy?
    Any time Prior to Day of Reservation: 1) You may receive a “Rain Check” for 100% of the value. 2) A refund can be requested but we will keep 10% to cover fees. Day of Reservation: 1) You may receive a “Rain Check” for 100% of the value. 2) A refund can be requested but we will keep 50% to cover fees and lost income. Missed Reservation (No Call, No Show): 1) You may receive a “Rain Check” for 50% of the value. 2) No refund will be issued.
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